7 Dance Tips For Beginners

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[SpotLight] I’m only seven but I love it that much! – Sophia Kerpsack

 by Sophia Kerpsack This week’s Spotlight focus is  on one of our rising stars Sophia Kerpsack. With only her third year with us she has proven that even the biggest talent comes in small sizes. So we sat down with our shinning star to get to know her better. I am seven years old and […]

Dance, a healthy way to express yourself

by Karli Moretti (SSD Elite Dancer )


This week we put our Spotlight on one of our senior elite dancers Karli Moretti. Karli has been with Shooting Stars for about 8 years, she is a hard working dancer and is an awesome team player. So this being her final year competing on stage with the elite team we wanted to ask her a few questions about her.


[SSD] – What you like about Shooting Stars Read more

Something that is special about Shooting Stars



by Shay Henderson (SSD Elite Dancer)


I like Shooting Stars Dance because all of the teachers push you to your fullest dance potential. The students are helpful and kind to all new-comers and they share a great value of friendship to last a lifetime. 

Something that is special about S.S.D is how even though we only have 3 teachers, they all put in such hard work and creativity to make all of our dances and classes as if there were 40 teachers. Read more

Competition Dance List

Competition season is well under way, here are just a few things to keep in mind to have smooth competition weekend.

Purchase a Dance Program.

It can be a little expensive, but it’s nice to have a schedule of the day and to know what dance your dancer is competing with, as well as to understand how the award system works.





This is not just for your dancer but yourself also!   Having healthy snacks between lunch or dinner will help you all keep your energy levels up.

Here are a few snack ideas Read more

5 Tips to help improve your leaps

Strength and flexibility is required a lot for dancing. Stretching every day and working your legs will help with leg strength and flexibility which will make Leaps come easily.


Female ballet dancer

Here are 5 tips to help improve your Leaps

  1. Solid preparation is needed for a good leap this is your chance to build up momentum but be careful not to use all your energy here. Whether you are leading into the leap with a run or combination you should feel light on your feet. The last step you take before leaving the ground is a plie. This step is important for achieving the height you need to properly execute a leap.

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Miss Florida



We congratulate former Shooting Stars Dancer Mary Katherine Fechtel, Miss Florida 2015 we are so proud of this young lady she will represent Florida and America no matter where life will take her.

A Message from Mary Katherine Fechtel, Miss Florida 2015:

This is one of those times where I look around and wonder how I got here. I’m sitting in Central Park, NYC with a cup of coffee and can hardly move from dancing the whole afternoon working on my Miss America talent with Shea Sullivan. Exactly two weeks ago today I was sitting on my hotel bed in St. Petersburg during competition week, wondering who the next Miss Florida would be. There were so many women I loved and admired who it could have been. I fully trusted that God had a plan Read more





Lyman High School was rocked this weekend as the S.S.D Elite took the stage for their third regional’s of 2015 season. The weekend was packed with fun, excitement, and entertainment it was a tough one but S.S.D remained focus and Believed.

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